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YaCoin is a fork of Novacoin (arguably one of the most elegant Crypto-coin designs) with changes to gaurantee long-term protection against GPU and ASIC mining. YaCoin also features ultra-fast transaction verification time. You can send, receive and verify payments in 60 seconds.

  • Long-term GPU and ASIC protection
  • Ultra-fast transactions (send and receive payments fast)
  • Long-term energy efficiency (via Proof-of-Stake mining)
  • High incentive CPU-only Proof-of-Work mining
  • Secure and robust (based on Novacoin code-base)

YaCoin has a base block reward of 100 coins that depends on the difficulty. The difficulty is also controlled by an "N-parameter" to the Scrypt hash function, whose purpose is to protect the network against GPUs and ASICs. Incrementing N will lead to immediate hashing speed decrease. The difficulty will reflect these speed changes (i.e., the difficulty will decrease after N++) with lags. As soon as block reward depends on difficulty the reward will increase also and more miners will be motivated to join after N++. It's not easy to predict now but we can be sure that some waves will happen on each N++ event.

Long-term GPU and ASIC protection

GPU and ASIC resistance provides short-term incentive for adoption, disseminates the currency to a wide body of users and protects the network in the long-term. It enables all peers to participate equally in the network, regardless of their financial backing. This helps protect YaCoin from abandonment when large-scale players, with institutional investment come in with expensive hardware, such as ASICs and GPU farms.

Whether you have a few Intel i7's or a ATI Radeon 5790 GPU, you can share in mining profitability.

CPU-only mining is achieved by dynamically changing the Scrypt hash parameters in response to GPU and ASIC mining--- so-called N++ Scrypt difficulty adjustment (details below).

Crypto details

YaCoin uses the Scrypt(N, 1, 1) hash function and ChaCha stream cypher instead of Salsa and Keccak512 instead of SHA-256. The value of N depends on block.nTime and increases. The starting value was 32 (4 Kbs).

May 14, N=64, 8Kb
May 17, N=128, 16Kb
May 20, N=256, 32Kb
May 29, N=512, 64Kb


  • Default port is 7688 - Forwarding this port can help if you have connection problems
  • Block target 1 minute
  • Block reward is 100 coins and depends on difficulty